Helping Businesses and Communities do Better with Less.

The Compression Institute is a non-profit learning organization that can help you create and support vigorous learning work systems to enable organizations and communities to be more responsive and more resilient to global changes. We discover and share ways people and organizations can change the way they work to improve the quality of life of those on whom they may have an effect; to reduce consumption of raw materials and energy; and to eliminate the risk of toxic releases from processes.

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General Donation: Just helping us cover the expenses of day to day operations would be a great start.

Earmarked Donation: You may also choose to earmark a donation for a particular community, or for specific site work at your workplace. Sign up to earmark a donation >

Learning Circles

The Compression Institute is looking for people like you who will create and lead Learning Circles in organizations and communities. We’ll help you facilitate until you’re comfortable with doing this on your own. These circles start off by building a base of active participants who meet regularly to discuss problems effecting their workplace or their community, as well as plans to execute projects that take us closer to solving those problems. Sign up to form a Learning Circle >


We are adding Workshops and Lean Coffees to the Compression Institute Events Calendar where you can view upcoming events and register/RSVP in a few clicks. View the Events Calendar >

Site Visits

Invite us to your city or organization for a site visit. What cool things are you doing that support the CI mission? Show us and we’ll publish a profile highlighting those practices for others to learn from. If you are struggling with a problem you can’t quite solve, we can help by involving several learning circles in other communities. Sign up to invite us for a site visit >

Dialog Series

Through the Compression Dialog Series, you are invited to engage in ten sessions of dialog on Compression.  Compression Thinking and Vigorous Learning are absorbed over a period of time, during which you form a different vision of your company’s future and a plan to act on it, beginning where you are and what you can do. The Compression Dialog Series provides a format for sharing ideas to facilitate this process. Sign up to join our Online Dialog Series >

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Meet Doc Hall and Learn About Compression

What Needs to Change? 

  • Compression Institute - Why do better with less

    Why do better with less?

    The Case for Compression: Society faces complex challenges that can be reduced in size and scope by doing better with less.

  • Compression Institute - What must change

    What must change?

    Compression Thinking: Doing better with less will require changes in the way we think and run our organizations.

  • Compression Institute- How to change new

    How to change?

    Vigorous Learning Organization: To do better with less we need to strive to create vigorous learning organizations.

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