March 2010

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  • Fishery Collapses

    March 31, 2010: Fishery collapses continue around the world. Remediation is slow. Fishery collapse stories introduce many issues dealing with Compression in other contexts. In 2006 Boris Worm (Dalhousie University – Nova Scotia) made headlines for a day. Extrapolating the rate of global fishery collapses, his curve went to zero in 2048. No fisheries would […]

  • “Entitlement” to Water

    March 15, 2010: An piece popped up in the New York Times last week end, dramatizing the problems of maintaining the water system of Washington DC, and noting the waste incurred when maintenance is deferred. You can see it here. Americans differ little from people everywhere about water. We think it a commodity; free, or […]

  • Economic Indicators

    Prices, costs, and markets were never devised to tell us how we’re doing in a world in Compression, and effects may take years to become so severe that no one can mistake them. The obvious indicator is energy prices. Petroleum spot prices of $60-$90 a barrel seem normal now. As oil becomes harder to obtain, […]