April 2010

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  • Does Vigorous Learning Need “Work Rules?”

    April 26, 2010: In a nutshell, yes. Just to function, every organization needs work rules and standard procedures. And we know some best practices of fast-learning organizations today: Open to innovation from anywhere: sustain R&D; have playpens or spin-offs to experiment with new business models; structure to sprout new businesses while letting old ones die […]

  • Bubble Psychology

    April 15, 2010: Markets wildly overvalue traded financial securities when exuberant traders balloon prices higher and higher; then reality dawns en masse. Bang. Bubble gum spatters everywhere. Global-scope bubbles like the Big Financial Pop gum up the whole world. Recent bubbles involve derivative trading, rapid computerized trading, off-balance sheet accounting, and a few other shenanigans. […]

  • Rare Earths and Wicked Problems

    April 8, 2010: To actually accomplish anything complex, and which has multiple goals, the “wicked” aspects of a situation must be considered (a wicked problem is defined somewhere in the Compression Map). But work organization leaders realize that focusing groups on simple goals is easier than challenging them with complexity. “Go for it” stirs emotional […]

  • Energy Blowout

    May 9, 2010: The BP oil rig Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico is bringing home to Americans the risks of exploiting energy sources in difficult environments. This requires technical expertise and expenditure of energy to obtain energy. Techniques and technology employed on the Deepwater Horizon were state of the art. The cause of […]