September 2010

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  • Business Models as Tools?

    Business Models as Tools?

    Sept. 22, 2010 As long as economies can physically expand, business models and profitability calculations are objectives, and money their motivator. In Compression, this logic flips. Minimizing resource use and abuse become major objectives. However, human transactional systems mandate that organizations not run out of cash, and money is a human motivational tool. But thinking […]

  • Organizational Adaptability

    Organizational Adaptability

    Sept. 28, 2010 Rapid adaptation characterizes a Vigorous Learning Company as described in the book Compression. The need to adapt can come from any cause: market shift, financial crisis, environmental changes, and resource shortages among many others. One way that work organizations innovate quickly is a “Silicon Valley” model, breaking up defunct units in bankruptcy […]

  • Antibiotics and Wicked Problems

    Alexander Fleming, who discovered penicillin in a mold in 1928, warned in the 1940s that overuse and misuse of antibiotics would make bacteria become resistant to them. Ever since, prolific use of antibiotics has cycled through periods of conflict followed by lulls. It’s a great illustration of a “wicked problem.” Antibiotics occur in nature. Fleming discovered […]