February 2012

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  • Compression Institute

    Getting Our Act Together

    We had a board meeting on February 18. Like everyone, we had to work to avoid being sucked into the mire of finance and legalities, and concentrate on how to promote our mission. We did make a little progress. If you have not visited our reworked web page, please visit www.compression.org. Revisions will continue. Content […]

  • Spectrum Crunch

    CNN is running a series on the impending shortage of spectrum to carry the increasing demands of smart phones. Without action, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) anticipates the shortfall to be serious by 2014. Fast growth in phone traffic presages the issues of Compression in many other domains, but happening in slow motion. Smart phones […]

  • Indoor air quality

    Indoor Air Environments

    Indoor environments have opportunities to use Compression Thinking. Indoors is where we live, where the EPA estimates that we spend 90% of our time  – not counting time in vehicles. Inside most buildings, air is more polluted than outside.Hazards are serious enough that the EPA has an Indoor Environments Division. A host of associations, companies, and government agencies […]

  • Water Treatment

    Will Rogers once advised audiences to “drink upstream from the herd.” That usually worked in a thinly populated world. Running water and soil percolation remediated low bioloads. Heavy metal contaminants weren’t as widely distributed. Today we have to help nature deal with high bioloads and pervasive industrial chemicals, but big sewage treatment plants are energy […]

  • Compression Institute Activity

    The Institute holds its first live board meeting on February 18, reviewing where we are going and how fast. We’re well aware of the uphill nature of our mission. Afterward, we intend to begin revving up activity to report regularly. In the meantime: Check out our revised Compression Institute web page. It’s a better vehicle […]