January 2013

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  • Forming Issue Learning Groups

    Why do we need Issue Learning Groups, which we’ve called by other names: Action Learning Groups or Vigorous Learning Groups? Because we need to learn how to improve systems (or processes) on which we depend while reducing the level of resources we consume. No one can operationally address huge global issues like world hunger as […]

  • PDCA and Systems Boundaries

    Most readers know the Deming Circle, Plan-Do-Check-Act, or PDCA, a problem solving logic that is often expressed in other formats like DMAIC or C4. Likewise, systems thinking is packaged in a variety of flavors but with a common theme of taking big-scope, multiple-viewpoint looks at problems and analyzing feedback loops. How they are used account […]

  • Trust Me, I’m Lying

    One of the more interesting exposes of the media business is Trust Me. I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator, by Ryan Holiday, who became fed up with the games at which he was a master well before his 30th birthday. We swim in an ocean of this stuff, so books describing propaganda techniques are […]

  • Biological Work Organizations

    In the 20th century, work organizations were often described mechanically – as well-oiled machines, perhaps. Today, work organizations are more likely described biologically, like an amoeba organization, or Open Xerox. This trend should accelerate. Old machines had rigid linkages. So do strict hierarchies, even with linkages well oiled by informal organization and electronic networks. A […]