June 2013

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  • Evaporate Our Problems

    Lean practitioners are familiar with the wonders of system simplification. Simplify a work process and the baggage needed to manage a complicated mess evaporates with it. For example, eliminate the reasons for using a warehouse, and poof; the inventory control systems for the warehouse also disappear. Why do we complicate simple processes? One reason is […]

  • Soil Biodiversity and Glyphosate

    Of all the Jeremiads that environmentalists invoke, declining biodiversity is probably the easiest to see, because it is all around us, but hardest to fully comprehend. The notion that biodiversity is essential to ecosystem survival is hard to technically grasp, so environmental arguments too often degenerate into campaigns to save a cute critter threatened with […]

  • Green Infrastructure Overview

    Green Infrastructure Lets Nature Help Carry the Load of Our Cities Ashwani Vasishth Associate Professor, Environmental Studies Director, Sustainability Studies vasishth@ramapo.edu (201) 684-6616 http://phobos.ramapo.edu/~vasishth Our urban areas desperately needs investment in infrastructure. However, we have come to a place, removed from nature, where we think of infrastructure rather narrowly. We plan to build with concrete […]