January 2017

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  • Coffee With Doc: Thinking Outside the System

    Learning to Escape Eroom’s Law

    One indicator that we need a very different concept of what we call business is Eroom’s Law, a buzzword from the world of pharmaceutical drug development. Erooms’s Law is that the increasing complexity of a system inexorably keeps driving costs up. It’s Moore’s Law backwards, and Moore’s Law is that computing speed of an integrated […]

  • A Prescription for Change by Michael Kinch

    In this newly released book, Michael Kinch begins with the history of drug development from ancient times up to 2016. He’s qualified. Kinch is a knowledgeable insider in drug development, biotech, and in university research, with experience in both the scientific and the business sides of all these institutions. Major themes are fast mutation and […]

  • Frames and Framing

    In the sense of psychology and communications, George Lakoff coined the term, “framing.” A framework is a belief, or a set of them, by which people interpret their world. We all have multiple frameworks; they need not be logically consistent. Framing is communicating an idea so that it fits into a framework already fixed in […]

  • Four Futures: Life After Capitalism, by Peter Frase

    Frase is a writer for Jacobin, a left-wing political magazine that sponsored his book. Left wing polemics being predictable, this book seemed of little interest until spotting a couple of reviews by other authors saying that it was mind opening. Critics complained that the book left too many unanswered questions. However, raising questions was the […]