February 2018

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  • A Purpose in Common

    A New Normal (Video 5 Minutes) A Purpose in Common Our present economic system is not only driving nature to the brink, it appears to be driving us nuts. Instead of bending nature to keep our economy growing, we need to upend our economic thinking to regenerate nature. To do this, no top-down mandate will […]

  • Technofeudalism?

    Capitalist Realism: Is There No Alternative?, by Mark Fisher The initial promise of this book was a unique critique of economics. It is that. It is not a structural, fix-the-problems proposal, but an artful expression of anguish from a guy descending into depression because of “the system.” In 2017 at age 48 he took his […]

  • Fake Wealth

    Wealth (Video 5 minutes) Fake Wealth Peek into Snopes, the fact-checking service, and some entries imply that a fake claim is so incoherent that its own illogic clearly refutes it. But people believe it anyway. Snopes is swamped by fake news from sites that spread outlandish tales, often unwittingly paid for by advertising. Perpetrators claim […]

  • Wealth, Virtual Wealth and Debt

    Wealth, Virtual Wealth and Debt: The Solution of the Economic Paradox by Frederick Soddy (1933) Frederick Soddy was a noted scientist of the early 20th century who won a Nobel Prize in 1921 for developing radioisotopes. By 1933, he was well aware, with Einstein and others, of the potential in nuclear energy. But after 1921, […]

  • Kids These Days

    Kids These Days: Human Capital and the Making of Millennials by Malcolm Harris Malcolm Harris is a 29-year old millennial and a good writer explaining Millennial malaise. The Millennial generation is the first to be pinched in large numbers in the bind of the American economic system. Our economy is supposed to be the greatest, […]