Action Learning Groups

The mission of the Compression Institute is to create and support action learning groups to transform work organizations and communities using Compression Thinking. That is, we’re seeking how people at the action level can aggressively cope with a fast-changing world, learning by doing. Of course, we want people to learn how to think differently, but nothing happens merely by navel gazing.

Without question, only hardy souls will volunteer to become pioneers with us on this mission. In 2012 we expect to recruit them more vigorously. Right now we’re still setting up an organizational structure from which to do it. Here are a few activities:

1. Compression Institute web pages with the capacity to be the backbone of a learning system – sort of a pioneering effort in itself.

2. A certificate program to be delivered first at Ramapo College in New Jersey. The intent of the certificate is to develop people to become pioneers.

3. A webinar series.

4. A series of organizational meetings in cities to explore the founding of local learning groups – the core of the mission. If diving into deeper water excites you, e-mail Doc (

Happy holidays and stay tuned next year.

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