A Business Revolution: Doing Better with Less

A Business Revolution: Doing Better with Less

“Compression Thinking” is a distillation of 30 years of research by Robert W. “Doc” Hall, who explains his approach to business in this video. This is a new era, where resources are becoming more scarce and the impact of larger human populations on the Earth requires mankind to rethink business practices, which up to now have been seen as gospel truths. However, proven solutions do exist for business problems, both old and new ones, and Doc Hall explores them here… through his concept of Compression Thinking.

© Copyright Compression Institute 2015. Thanks to the Simon Institute for video of OS1. FoCotage courtesy of: Agile Videos.com, FastCap LLC, California High Speed Rail Authority, Aerial Filmworks, Lake/Flato Architects, Sterling Davis, City of Ocala, American Wind Energy, and Infinity Power Systems.

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