Compression Institute Activity

The Institute holds its first live board meeting on February 18, reviewing where we are going and how fast. We’re well aware of the uphill nature of our mission. Afterward, we intend to begin revving up activity to report regularly. In the meantime:

Check out our revised Compression Institute web page. It’s a better vehicle to explain and propagate the ideas of Compression Thinking. And in keeping with that thinking and our intent of being a learning organization, it will be undergoing additional upgrades.

In addition, we now feel confident of offering a certificate program in Sustainability Leadership beginning late March in conjunction with the Masters in Sustainability Studies program at Ramapo College in New Jersey. The college is a leader in sustainability studies. The Compression Institute adds another dimension to that: Organizational excellence to vigorously learn how to adapt to a different kind of economy in a rapidly changing world.

Jason McVay is working very hard to prepare learning materials for the web page and for the certificate. Most of those will be reused in another kind of program: Enabling our interested followers to explain Compression Thinking and stir Action Learning Groups to start making real, on-the-ground changes.

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