Rigorous Learning

  • PDCA and Systems Boundaries

    Most readers know the Deming Circle, Plan-Do-Check-Act, or PDCA, a problem solving logic that is often expressed in other formats like DMAIC or C4. Likewise, systems thinking is packaged in a variety of flavors but with a common theme of taking big-scope, multiple-viewpoint looks at problems and analyzing feedback loops. How they are used account […]

  • Learning Systems for Learning Organizations

    David Veech, May 26, 2011 The Compression Institute is recommending that organizations take aggressive steps to become vigorous learning organizations.  We make this recommendation because we lack perfect information. We can’t perfectly predict the future. Therefore an organization’s best hope for weathering whatever storms may come is the collective ingenuity and creativity of its people […]

  • Rules of Learning

    “Rules of engagement” is a phrase familiar to military personnel engaged in almost any mission. Any vigorous learning enterprise has a characteristic in common with the military, a mission shared and hopefully understood by all. Military rules of engagement shift depending on a unit’s mission, and perhaps even its situation. Few other working organizations will […]