Compression Institute Update

The Institute has formed a board of directors: Doc Hall, Chairman; Jack Ward, V.P. Fund Raising; Dave Veech, V.P. Finance; Jason McVay, V.P. Operations; Marvin Klein, Founder of PortionPac Chemical; Wayne Lindholm, Pres. of Manskliga-Anden; Rusty Patterson, Chairman of NACFAM; Andrew Warrington, Pres. of Peerless Pump.

As these names suggest, the Institute is comprised of people whose interest is in making things work. All have a concern for environmental degradation, but no one is an activist. Instead our concern is what to do about these issues. Seemingly necessary changes run very deep, and if anything the environmental community understates them. That makes us into as unlikely a group of “radicals” as anyone might find.

We are seeking real operating organizations to pioneer the ideas of Compression Thinking. If no one can execute them, they are worthless, but they certainly are a big departure from business thinking today, as can be seen in the second article in this issue. Joining us by venturing to do something that is very different is not for the weak of heart.

We are making more appearances and beginning to stir interest in Compression Thinking.

Dave Veech presented to the Lean Human Resource Summit in November.

Doc Hall presented at the Governor’s Sustainability Award program in Champaign, Illinois in October, and again at Ramapo College in New Jersey in November.

A discussion meeting with the police chiefs of Bergen County, NJ stirred interest in forming an ongoing action learning group, which is what we really want. We can’t learn how to make Compression Thinking operative without gaining experience trying to make it work.

If you would like a discussion meeting on Compression Thinking, contact Doc Hall:

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