Compression Thinking Series of 12 Podcasts and Teleconferences

Compression Thinking Series
(3 minute video)

Compression Thinking Series

12 Podcasts and Teleconferences from the Compression Institute

by Robert “Doc” Hall and Ethan Berry

Why the Compression Thinking Series?

Our intent is to engage people in thinking differently, or Compression Thinking. Environmental initiatives abound, but few seem to address the scope of these issues holistically. We don’t like to think about our environmental future, and all of us have difficulty breaking old habits and forming new ones.

We hope that many of you will join in this Series, digging down into what we have to do and why. We are on track to upload 12 podcasts with follow up teleconferences. No teleconference will last longer than 2 hours. Take you choice of two weekly teleconference times on Tuesdays, beginning October 1 at 4 pm EDT or 8 pm EDT. We’re trying to fit your busy schedule. The series will finish on December 17, 2019.

That’s a lengthy commitment, but major unforced changes in life usually take time. Ideas have to germinate. We have to “grow into” plans for living differently. And we have to encourage each other.

We’re planning a rollout teleconference on September 24, 2019, at 8 pm EDT. You are invited. Just dial 203-408-3665. That evening we will talk as long as it takes, listening to your concerns and answering questions.

And by the way, we are requesting a tax deductible $25 donation to the Compression Institute to participate in each teleconference; $250 to participate in all twelve. Of course, donations help us on the money front, but they also suggest that you are serious – without having to dip into rent money.

You will be getting another invitation to the rollout conference. Please stay tuned.

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