What is Compression?

Compression is the art and science of improving quality of life while greatly reducing the usage of resources and eliminating all toxins: Doing better with less.

Compression also refers to:

Population growth packing us ever tighter on a finite planet
Squeezed resources; they’re not unlimited.

Compress waste out of all work processes, eliminating everything unnecessary for the purpose.

Compress resource footprints for all human activity.

Compress work organizations’ learning cycles: Complexity is increasing, so learn more, integrate what is learned, and put it into action faster.

The ideas relating to Compression can be roughly broken down into three broad categories: Why do we need Compression? (The Case for Compression); What must change? (Compression Thinking); How can our organization do more with less? (Vigorous Learning).

You can find more information on these ideas relating to Compression below.

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