Doc Hall and Ethan Berry Dig Deeper into Symbiotic Thinking in a New Video – Conversation on Symbiotic Thinking

Video Conversation on Symbiotic Thinking (13 minutes)

You are invited to our Compression Thinking Series Podcast Follow Up Teleconference #4 On Symbiotic Thinking

This is fourth in a series of 12 podcasts followed by teleconferences asking how each podcast topic might relate to your problems. One is held every Tuesday evening at 8 pm Eastern Time until we finish all twelve.

You can hear Podcast #4 on Symbiotic Thinking, review the topic, and sign up for this follow-up teleconference here.

Symbiotic Thinking is the second of four guidelines to Compression Thinking.

What’s different about Compression Thinking? It’s not sustainability as usual. No magic technological answers. Start from the premise that we must learn to live in balance with nature, but we’re stuck living in the status quo.

And you are always invited to join our on-line Compression Community (A community of Compression Thinkers).

And what do Compression Thinkers think about?

How to truly live in balance with nature.

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