Library and Downloads

On this page you’ll find some of our materials relating to awareness, compression thinking, and vigorous learning organizations.  Generally, the materials are structured around the topics listed below.  The remainder of our materials will be stored on our file sharing site, which can be accessed if you are affiliated with the Compression Institute or you are participating in a workshop or learning group.

Case Studies and Other Resources

  • Culture of Accountability: Ventana Medical Systems (download)
  • Tokyo Sekisui (download)
  • Conversation Shifters (download)

Compression and Compression Thinking Overview

  • Compression and Compression Thinking (download)
  • Compression, the book, footnotes (download)
  • A condensed, 55-page version of Compression (download)
  • Compression Lexicon (download)

The Case for Compression

  • Finite Resources
  • Precarious Environment
  • Globalization Pushback
  • Excessive Consumption
  • Complexity

Compression Thinking

  • Theory, Philosophy, and General Guidelines
  • How We Learn (individual, group, process)
  • Precautionary Principle
  • Contextual Thinking
  • Long-term Over Short-term: Quality over Quantity, Always
  • Physical Reality First
  • Questioning Assumptions
  • Systems Thinking
  • Tools and Rational Analysis
    • scientific method (PDCA, C4)
    • life cycle analysis and design
    • mass energy balance
    • lean tools
    • wicked problem methodologies
    • measurement approach: approximate measure vs. false precision
  • Business Model Change
    • business model design
    • implementation strategies for business model change
    • surviving in a hostile business environment
  • Recognizing and Dealing with Daily Conflicts in Thinking

Vigorous Learning

  • See the Whole
  • Meaningful Purpose
  • Rigorous Learning System
  • Behavior for Learning
  • Leadership
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