Learning Groups

Learning Groups

Teleconference Series Beginning Monday, Nov. 19, 2018

8 pm Eastern Standard Time; dial 203-408-3665; that’s it!

We are starting a teleconference series. The first one will be Monday, November 19, 2018, starting at 8 pm Eastern Standard Time, lasting one hour. To join all you have to do is dial 203-408-3665 at that hour. If you can’t make this Monday, try later. We’ll have one every Monday evening at 8 pm EST (except Christmas Eve and New Years Eve).

For about 20 minutes Doc will overview the case for Compression, the complex environmental messes that are upon us; then quickly introduce Compression Thinking, which is a direction to escape the messes. Hopefully this will lead you into following up and becoming a leader in a huge change in how we live and think.

Then we will open to questions. Since these topics are too comprehensive to digest in an hour, we’ll also canvas the group about times for follow up teleconferences (or video conferences) to explore topics you want to dig into. Everyone has a different schedule and a different life, so we’ll try to follow up when you have the time. And we don’t pretend to be all-knowing, so we invite you to dig in and together we will learn about different ways of thinking and doing.

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