Podcast #1. What is Compression Thinking?

Listen to the podcast; join the follow-up teleconference at www.compression.org. This podcast introduces the concepts: What is Compression Thinking?” Learn how to address complex issues, think from alternate viewpoints, originate solutions, and dialog with others.

Follow Up Teleconference: Many risks imperil ecologies all over the world. When we hear of them, it is usually one at a time. No one can hold them all in mind at once, but combined they will force an end to economic expansion, sending us into Compression. To help determine what to do, we summarize four guidelines to thinking differently:

  • The Earth is Finite (subject of podcast/teleconference #2)
  • Symbiotic Thinking (podcast #4)
  • Organize for Learning (podcast #5)
  • Quality Over Quantity, Always (podcast #6)

The essence of Compression Thinking is, as best possible, to overcome thinking in one track at a time. The most pernicious thinking habit to suppress is interpreting the world through a lens of monetary measures. Instead, try to see what we and everything else actually does, physically. Practice seeing what you never saw before.

  • 8 PM Eastern, 2/4/2020

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