Quo Vadis?

Quo Vadis?June 15, 2010

Compression concepts are not intrinsically difficult, but Compression Thinking takes practice. It turns conventional business thinking upside down.  At first, almost every thought about your business reverts to the standard mantras.

The initial problem is to make this real – to survive financially in today’s world while going through a huge shift in business thinking. Staying viable serving customers is so demanding that it’s hard to map out longer-term action. As has been said, “No short term; no long term.”  The exercise below, the same as last week, stirs thinking beyond immediate concerns. In the next letter we’ll invite you to try making these ideas more specific to your business.

Many readers have eliminated waste from operations by their current business model. But how could you thrive with a business model that serves customers while processing far less energy and virgin raw material?

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